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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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fritter smith in their town. as her initially placed here at the motel 6 and enterprise straight. vallejo has a long history of sexual predators' these liberals walking home from school. were picked up by a violent sexual predators', one survived another london didn't >> reporter: was not good for liberty mutual co. for five sofa monitoring staff did not register. since evicted the according vallejo city officials now placed on and no less. his
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release and solano state correctional hospital under transience status he contemporarily reside in one location before asu done nye's been evicted from motel 6. on sexual predator will have the check and let law-enforcement wherever he goes next. and so on a county. >> pam: 3 and drifters accused of murdering san francisco to tourists as well as the of the teacher enters a plea for court today this has been a long time coming and explains why the judge did not seem pleased when that happened after the defendants entered their pleas. off the >> reporter: sussex accord represented by four attorneys. charged with murder
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in using a gun and a crime if found guilty could be facing a life sentence in prison for the death penalty. but the >> reporter: recess next shot and gold wire lot of hard for some lively court documents reveal limply was the man that was being targeted crime that could mean additional sentencing down line. cut in court all three pleaded not guilty and attorneys added they were denying everything in connection with the crime. canadian tourist was shot dead in golden gate park stephen carter a therapist found dead on marin hiking trail shot to. cameras allowed in court the defense attorneys pushed for five main pulmonary hearing typically much sooner the judge wanted to know why defense attorney says they needed extra time the complexity of the case. not ask for a
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letter continuance of that court a quick comment. . after the hearing of three taken away remaining custody in the green county jail. >> pam: and learn a memorial service for the of the teacher killed we help next year and april in marin county for you live with his wife and dog the dog still has to have surgery for head of the fbi says he's seen no credible security threats. >> pam: some surprising new details about the terrorists killed in france kathryn is here
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now to begin our coverage. news of >> catherine: pressure relief no one is assuming the terrorists have been defeated. kitty for similar city's newly reopened christmas market took soldiers joined by real surgery at the soldiers one effort of the stigma at the mean the battle is anywhere near over. >> catherine: the department's
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hit by thousands of police bullets a daddy was confirmed through his fingerprint also identified the first female suicide bomber in the daily mail uncovered a picture of the 26 year-old cousin of a food relaxing friend say not agee hottest or even religious rally or a muslim head scarf. they named cowgirl because she liked to wear a cowboy hat. "top floor of the apartment building when the explosive felt she wore that netted" the tall >> catherine: the daily and melt she's been taught me help me on not his girlfriend seconds before the device enough the french parliament approved a three month extension of emergency powers giving police wide authority to conduct searches and make arrests france's prime minister warns that the terrorists are
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constantly looking for new deadlier technology. >> catherine: fiestas and has warned italy of a possible terror attack on the vatican city that when americans to be more vigilant at the vatican and other tourists such as the upper house and cathedral. clear >> pam: chile in a video of one of that terror attacks grant is here to walk us through this new video. the club >> grant: to look everything is normal customers' employees everyone went down glass brain everywhere you
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barely see in the dark of night appear in the upper left-hand corner the terrorists had walked toward the front door taking aim close same and miraculously begun jams. tranche of people on the ground ball to do not come out of his guy walks away see one person get in than a second person not shot because that gun jammed another perspective here shows bartenders tickings relative camera at really captures a piece of glass dangerous companion there video that they share with us one person running down the steps here is another perspective that shows the people sitting there. the bullets start flying in the whole attack less than a minute notice i died to customers
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inside with minor injuries after they were hit by bullets and eight people were in the general vicinity of the restaurant in the neighborhood were serious injuries mission. >> pam: that what happened there could happen here if the new concern one is that is creating greater anxiety the federal law- enforcement officials say this but the new release of the video there is no credible threat and dan kermis live in a newsroom tonight with more on that. >> reporter: the fbi says propaganda videos to not amount to a credible threat telling people to go about their business but anything suspicious mitscher reported. calling fear this evening over terrace that in this country. let's cut
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revenue really cesses video shows pictures of times where phillips to be a bomb under a jacket. the fbi says that it is tracking down dozens of supporters of this country he could be prone to violence part of a coordinated effort with: security and department of justice.
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search >> pam: for a missing woman-but comes to a conclusion details where she was found coming off rob phone itself picture there but they're looking for net the 15 concerns being raised about two buses and the differences go in the wake of last week's
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it's a >> pam: concerns among bay area lawmakers moving down the fort action crash as marine talks with one city supervisor wants more local control in order to keep tourists safer. >> reporter: slip inside the garage area company that owns the double-deckers' schoolbus the crash friday in union square. are they plan to send
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and ordered a check of random sample in order that check critical light items like brakes are in working order. the staff close the dry door a few moments after and chp is also been a check and make sure the company doesn't add any other bosses the roster of the reporting the the. but airbus the crash was brought into the city flat fee last year those who regulate says the company never told them about the particular but raising concern with this riser. "this concern to us companies for 5 million in the last five years going to plainly violated law./ stay >> reporter: has site over to airbus's sybarites are kims have issues workings of a serious differences kenaf help
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oversee the tour buses to its and require unchanging california state law. trans'evanses' go out as different from last if congested streets i'll levels of tourism and the safety concerns that alicea and i understand as well. "honor has responded to our questions about the crash in an earlier statement says he was deeply saddened by the accident please >> pam: mes they try to track down a burglar and given up yet another robbery a key piece of evidence and greg is back with the details in both cases. >> grant: ruler caught on video in berkeley you see him running for a living right here homeowner burglar alarm off. the
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please monitor this guy faceoff and become monday that these days, so shut up the creek was gone without a back bedroom window open in canine checked the gas sent underwater road no luck catching up within burglar described black 1820 years will be put six-foot to the homeowner surveillance system installed after burglarized less than a month ago meanwhile fell sir rudolf please release the names of the cellphone robbery suspect. looking for the scroll right here 18 year-old sasha violently rabin of israel high school student and later set these up pictures of herself with the fund the pictures of blood to the victims clouds storage and says she recognizes the person. they believe the
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share live in richmond. please urge people not to confront her been called off real police. >> pam: 08 be featured a new device called kron 4 copper forecast roberts said you of any given area tonight be good to anderson sprayed and two towns in the county two months after the valley wild fire their. for people destroyed 1200 homes >> j.r.: copter for best perspective on damage from like county one of the best perspective. 1900 structures destroyed to under prop. cleared
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and still lots of work to be done. among >> j.r.: sees trees and lake county the structure of some of more 1200 homes destroyed in the valley fire barbara owen to what was what the star resort the star you did not in fact damage to that building is extensive many properties in this area have been cleared many have not you can see from quad copper for exactly what and talking about in certain areas debris scattered every which way here and anderson springs property after property in one location of chimney still standing many trees laicized crews were still busy at work crews busy in
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anderson springs area of middletown bangkok north of miltown feet of proved and $10 million in grants even so they tell us she's unsure if she'll be able to rebuild.
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>> j.r.: they've cut down in the area if he got there hundreds of trees down the ground these entries that have been deemed a danger to people living in the area for people driving through and we continue see more tree removal as a day goes on. >> pam: see more of our top their video at kron4news-dot- com including a report on the fire destruction in middletown. another >> diane: day of dry and mild conditions in the forecast right now sfo partly clear skies clear skies of the distance in and everywhere else in the cities and in the allocations clear skies for the rest the night temperatures right now for 60 is 69 sec 66 concord livermore of 6765 in east bay shoreline cities between 60 to hayward the 65 and richmond and
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then and so location's averaging of her fifties when speeds not to crazy. 5 mi. per hour of clans and the slight onshore breeze for hayward as well and a half moon bay 10 mi. an hour come wind speeds. was the clear skies 10:00 p.m. tonight that's like reason place and then slightly chilly as well through your overnight hours saturday partly sunny and 63 for the day 48 for in and the location. satellite radar image showing noranda forecast for now fl facility northwest getting in the streets of low clouds and some moisture makes his way to our area that internal coolest on clever but for the weekend and give us some rain and light showers that heading our way familiarize not very explain that in the sunday forecast coming of and if even if
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gun >> pam: son in a california home or they do not allow the charges the homeowner now faces just ahead
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>> pam: the men arrested at the airport yesterday whiff stolen passports honduras officials say they're fleeing their country in hopes that ultimately fighting
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refugees to the united states. all five will appear before a judge on charges on fortifying documents mean time here home lawmakers debating whether the united states should allow assyrian refugees into the country. the vote on capitol hill today could make that effort tougher than. kron 4 congressional tells us what's in that bill. "today's to write about what let's call the state that. urgent matter that's why we're dealing with the certainly. "sure of the most robust process in this country. ,"this isn't the u.s. is enough to make sure syrians coming in are who they say they are" the six refugee a year-and-a- half to two years be cleared to come here with those in excess
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of some organizations like: security fbi was strictly to congress this person does not pose a threat to u.s.. "of experts telling us that of confidence they can detect a block current standards in place. >> reporter: of this bill if to and make it through the senate and the president do will every canada's from come becoming law. >> pam: search for missing woman comes to a grim conclusion which is found next at 530 + the california police officer found shot to death coming up that investigators believe he was targeted
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>> pam: britain is set of vocal and please stand up has here with what we know at this hour. >> grant: 10 situation for a short time ago house cut the
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partnership with abc seven is not life because there were positioning of the suspect the sort of tactical advantage this is a motel 6 on avenue south of the calcium even a fifth avenue call came and after 3:00 today a blue alert a balanced attack on a police officer somehow the suspect ended up here at a motel 6. oakland he beat oakland swat team on seen also livermore pd so somehow livermore police are involved in this situation the suspect is barricaded somewhere that motel 6 and on the gender or name on that suspect but we do know if he's being surrounded right now and a very active situation police and swat teams try to locate that suspect presumably that's suspect wanted for a violent attack on a police
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officer the south of the coliseum if you know where the dmv of land is right next to the dmv is that motel 67 careful if you're in that area they keep you posted on the breaking news out of oakland. >> pam: like search for missing north bay woman as of this morning a discovery in the napa river the shares office says the woman was moving on a nearby boat launch jackie reports as a last time choose to live. >> reporter: a 48 year-old that the county sheriff's department. "cover the body from the river" >> reporter: again her death kievan heading for a few miles away reported her missing around
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1015. search teams chp co-star asserted to search the waterways letter that the death he was found. >> reporter: days to respond to the jets he had major damage to it. "the net but candor severe head trauma to the film the circulation of may my head the bridge in the dark of night. >> pam: officers dead victim of what appears to be a botched
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robbery and details on what happened. sitting in his own car ambush shot and killed unarmed. wearing plain clothes and his personal car was parked a public lie next to police headquarters to people walked up to one started shooting the 29 year-old officer died and his car police arrested two men in their 20s and 17 year-old admitted they all fly to rob officer finn note he was an officer presumably even if the department for five years he is a former marine/. >> grant: hundred 500 >> pam: guns seized from a man's home and 59 year-old what i'm mental-health what the a person stop from preventing
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firearms authorities searched his two homes at what than 400 handguns rifles 88 shotguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition a federal firearms dealer before his license was revoked in 2014 news taken into police custody for illegally having the weapons. >> pam: actor charlie sheen and drawn criticism admitting he is hiv-positive and. has been for years one of his former co-stars jenny mccarthy is lashing out devi has more from hollywood. "go inside and mccarthy's outrage being outspoken advocate for out of line
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jenney's beings care for his lack of hiv a vacation centers serious is that the show should have been notified about charlie's disease that. before acting alongside him on to have men the manager mark ferber told us is an effective long after he worked with jenny michael. insider. immense that add to the stigma of living with hiv" "from concern you start talking about focused among the tv show you something of this myth"
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still ahead before you start your holiday shopping list of dangerous toys out if you should avoid at speaking the holidays. next mickey talks turkey
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>> pam: in it the first altered animal approved for human consumption in the next step. it's the administration consulted more than five years deciding to approve the salmon scientist walter a salmon genes in some cases claim able to breed animals. disease free cleaner fast-growing opponents are urging major resellers to not sell. one week away what hustled in america where prepare the holiday bird. tonight and then-that he has the answer that question. >> reporter: williams deep-fried
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said, you saw the holiday bill at llama. dilemma. the judges to young counselors. the chefs and his co while for all the side dishes lemon zest and-potatoes and the end nonconventional wins out stuffed
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turkey snow to the competition annual list of dangerous toys out next items you might want to scratch chocoholic less wes
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>> pam: mexicans living you that faith and that are coming in news tonight why the shift might not be the case for those in the bay area. >> pam: and hazards injuries
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potential of strangulation of warning tonight but dangers of certain toys of young children, says the national resellers more than half of the shopping at serve either gas concern watch group sets of warnings on the toy is not to buy just been told us stories of litter on a less tells us the toys on that list. >> reporter: the truck"to everything in the store safe "against toys causing harm the toys thing about 10 most dangerous common problems choking to losing and i volos rapper clause child sized dinosaur was the group claims it can cause eye in facial injury a trampoline that looks fine but
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group says can lead to injury during use and assembly of played a like sum to set the substance contains a week and cause allergic reaction hive's headache difficulty breathing. the doctor says the group worries could send future of the hospital because the present a choking hazard. and this foam dart to realistic looking. these tend toys that the only potentially dangerous toys out there perrin. what this reaction. >> pam: toys on u.s. sale meet the safety requirements and i had to kron4news-dot-com for the full west.
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>> diane: a nice lovely evening ahead of us translocations scattered clouds low clouds and place later on this evening look ahead 9:00 p.m. temperatures dropped the '50s 55 for the nine locations 7:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies chile's debt today tomorrow morning by noontime mostly sunny conditions 6355 the day and then sell it radar image showing that we do have a high pressure system out of the area that will be long gone after this unstable pattern went to make slight down much brings us to the chili's said things free temperatures during the daytime hours in as a result to that also gives us a light rain showers and rain for tuesday wednesday next week and then overnight lows 5:00 a.m. 52 france fax 47 for pleasanton oakland at 52 in an overnight
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low as 5:00 in the morning when you make up more of 53 for san francisco 45 of the north bay how. they travel forecast tuesday increasing clouds satellite radar and makes its way down the bay area than foreign rise in that system wednesday widespread showers throughout the san francisco bay area families getting mostly sunny skies chilly temperatures in the day several this storm system will last tuesday wednesday things can and should the great it will be called so bundle offer any activities you have that day afternoon highs 3:00 p.m. los '70s for the valley again mile day for tomorrow clear skies all around 59 this is he symptoms the 65 free daytime highs of 70 forecast a better look at lower dealing with friday's 68 and then basically this week and will be nice and clear skies provide for any outdoor activities this week and monday tuesday different story close role in coming monday then take a look at tuesday we have the chance of showers and place
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wednesday chance of rain as well. >> pam: markets went down cheddars is appointed by several corporate earnings reports the dow fell four points as the foul play s&p fell two points. there was some good earnings and san francisco-based cat him in companies where financial expert talks about that in today's winners and losers public"a year ago it would then a percent higher they went their team last week and opened at
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nine square at the company not to disrupt their basically says study is basically building supplies. $40 a barrel 26 would cause a lot of world economies but go fly southwest airlines heavily benefit from this.
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"but dropped a lot of americans said% to their phone job that insure what you can afford delays deductibles or call 8 remanufactured attend refund by means of a bad insurance. america >> pam: and have full of stars that francisco international auto show on saturday at the moscow center the that draws tens of thousands of people every year and where the official television sponsor just saturday for a special program from the auto show in
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order to get a look at the feature. conversation >> reporter: the people who were driving illegally on the streets the next edition of people behaving
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most >> pam: trevor's fully aware whether does something wrong often will not add that we talk. the drivers of and cognac and just listen to conversations in this edition of people dead and badly.. >> reporter: look at this guy holding i found documented evidence record. now he's not seeing signs he got caught heading badly. refuses badly. with a group of other drivers caught driving in the shoulder. order to pull up to the other
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officer waiting for. he denies ever driving on a shoulder. shooting photos he is not on the shoulder. a fast track laying. further ahead. a driver and the rest of the rush had this to say. she is carrying a passenger.. tank car driver the sneak back in line those of its borrowing cost.
5:57 pm
their passenger nominee life at times make it once endicott. of the show the public that were out here favor. it before officer give 14 tickets with travers new they're driving on the shoulder.. the sad you'll take as i found the of the court.. >> pam: white more mexicans are choosing to leave a. immigration experts explain the numbers are high and in a report. in another i am please stand up going on right now in oakland will. we have learned in
5:58 pm
the past half-hour. as the head on news that six
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pleased >> pam: presence in a blend of their man is barricaded said motel crack has been tracking developments in the story joins us now with what we've learned so far. >> grant: and that would give the car this whole thing started with a violent attack the police officer video from a few minutes ago courtesy of how the partnership with abc seven is and shows a motel 6 right now standoff situation under way oakland police swat teams
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livermore on the scene a suspect barricaded inside the of the suspect's identity or gender. specifically what led to this after 3:00 today alert with a violent attack on a police officer again in livermore pd on scene so we can assume that livermore pd somehow involved in this whole situation motel 6 out south of the policy. on that he's avenue. next to the oakland be as see no reports of injury that/piquancy a lot people surrounding that motel 6 right now. ennis says tailor new information we will bring it to you. >> pam: out to the terror attack in paris. nearly one week since the tragedy the suspected ringleader. is dead and new news for isis the house of representatives approved and to intensify the screening process for syrian refugees trying to
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enter the u.s. cnn farren brings us up-to-date. "reading the text of paris is now dead. french authorities announced that he is killed during an intense seven hour raid between police he had reportedly been involved in four previous will plots for friday's horrific assaults hillary clinton spoke out against fighting back. "to have a new day. we should control the territory" >> reporter: and more tax will buy into u.s. has called a balk and syrian refugees the house
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overwhelmingly approved a bill to block the refugees from entering the u.s. security agencies don't pose of the security risk of oil house has said it will veto such a legislation. >> pam: new video on one of the new attacks in paris as it was unfolding crash has the video admittedly this is pretty tough to watch. of the >> grant: dinner in paris and all the sudden pretty trendy pizzeria everything normal cell bullets start flying customers' employees last spring everywhere the shooter that side and to fight the stalking the streets looking for more people to target we freeze it and you can see enough there in the upper left-hand corner that moments later the terrorist walks
6:03 pm
towards the front door taking aim at close range at people in rapturously scene right there guy and jams of the rifle misfired and then walks away. person gets up another person gets up and thought he was going to kill them should and a close range very lucky to be alive this of you from behind by piquancy the glass spreading everywhere one bartenders runs down to the basement and woman runs behind the bar trying to take cover and then another vantage point you see the customers get under tables the horrifying situation eventually the terrace to get into the black and white car and stop shooting the whole thing lasting less than a minute at unbelievably no one inside the restaurant guide the guy showing of the pick up a pizza was shot back he died on the street fair
6:04 pm
to customers inside minor injuries and that after they were hit a ball with eight people in that general vicinity outside the restaurant had serious injury in the shooting. . >> pam: paris attack continues to raise the anxiety in this country special. law-enforcement officials say there is no credible threat that certainly at this time and then come and live the newsroom that part of story. federal law-enforcement officials say they vilification any plan for paris pyrotechnist country. the plot >> reporter: if conner tariff technical teams to cover a wide range of potential targets. this caused the release of lices propaganda video
6:05 pm
showing of times square and the end point of next week's macy's at any will things given day parade the next sitting there telling people officials made it clear propaganda videos did not constitute a credible threat that they are working with local law-enforcement agencies.. authorities declared the public has a role to play in stopping terrorism if they see something suspicious say something...
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>> reporter: their friend of copy cat attacks. >> pam: they. college students gather to honor the victims of the paris air attack the picture of the dnc college of unjust and unfair being held by the moslem students association of that is open to the public in charles clifford is there has a live look at coming up on kron 4 news tonight at 8:00 stay with us for our continuing coverage on the deadly terror attack in paris on our website we have a complete video of the shooting at the restaurant also details on how
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the united states is responding to this threat of kron4news-dot- com com >> pam: 0615 the new report out today suggesting mexicans are leaving the united states in record numbers more than #coming into the country we talk with the south the group encouraging immigrants of the glove more and >> pam: a commitment to a bus crash been discharged from hospital out of the 20 people injured last friday now fiver man the hospital of san francisco general one in critical condition 3 fancies condition fenland juvenile who who said this is not being released mean. what concerns are increased mel about to bus safety overall and the nets six bearing kelly takes a closer look for a month top of a double decker.
6:08 pm
"as belonging to the competitor cruising by construction set for the runaway bus and that crashing in the scaffolding friday archer evidence they were about that the english tourist seem to enjoy the ride. the skin surface safety says what they find worrisome is the open air nature of the top of these double decker buses the fact seatbelts are not required >> reporter: the person concerned is supervisor jim looking at how the change this state law the zapatista and have more overset. currently california at policy with commission regulates tour buses.
6:09 pm
"selling shares to support the highest level of safety also for pedestrian cyclists the turbo. it was still been stopped interest in getting on board. >> pam: holiday reported wednesday night leading her napa home to move projects he will
6:10 pm
launch customer helicopter crews searched and found her body near the west bank of the river between highway 57 and 12 that they say that she suffered significant head trauma at the exact cause the deaf will be determined after the autopsy on monday. regression is straight driver of the big rig diocletian after failing to stop for traffic haddam and magnified now has 43 year-old eric eastbound lanes were closed for several hours while debris was removed the see investigative the driver of the other cars involved were not injured. not guilty pleas for the three young drifters accused of murdering a tourist be of a teacher were arraigned today there were reportedly shave for hygiene reasons they deny any involvement would says
6:11 pm
over three days in early october outside court one of the four attorneys spoke for the first time about his client and the others pulmonary hearing set for may they need the extra time to for the because the complexity of the case news tonight place in fremont on the hunt for suspects under brutal home invasion robbery on tuesday night at home on colbert circle. three masked men work their way in the home when the owner of his garage and they held the family at one point as they ransacked the home as you can imagine neighbors are on edge.
6:12 pm
"the alarm system. guy does the a grudge it's a. scary please >> pam: say home invasion robberies are rare the first for this particular quiet upscale neighborhood really a beautiful mild fall weather today diane holes along. less >> diane: for the weekend and then we have all that in turn drives the sound of the chilly temperatures during the daytime hours right now clear skies all across the east bay shoreline even inland allocations' and also east abatements' locations dealing with life can right now for the golden gate bridge and usually a fog coming in but that's not the case for tonight's size platter 7:00 p.m. 53 for the code 62 for the day 674 inland that
6:13 pm
locations 10:00 p.m. a slight breeze talking about a mile an hour wednesday certainly nothing to crazy and 50 for the coast 56 degrees for the bay. and then tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies 40 degrees on average and then chilly start to your day tomorrow and then as the transition into named time. things are warming up again a mile they'll have the jurors more of recognition as well over. at loews a better idea here a transfer of for 40 scattered throughout even in the north face down the south bay san jose fremont 42 for a morning 54 for richmond week and forecast for you fought a series that began mild temperatures that were./and temperature in place because the high pressure system in our area saturday the last all week as vacancies 66 saturday 67 for sunday at. mention there is a cold front heading away and that will give us a chance of rain showers if in time for holiday travel plans in the senate forecast coming up fax. >> pam: a sexual predator is
6:14 pm
evicted in vallejo motel 6 told him to get out and now
6:15 pm
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>> pam: newsmen as barricaded
6:17 pm
and said its motel crash as the new information coming and felt the coliseum misinformation into the newsroom indicating serious traffic backed up because of this the hague inverter rode off ramp to northbound 880 is close right now because the list again going on just south of the calcium >> grant: avenue near 85th avenue and also just learned the suspect barricaded had herself and the motel is wanted for murder and another scene and right now police are trying to establish communication on attack on an officer and we do know that that motel 6 oakland police swat team livermore p are tied into this and this is right
6:18 pm
next oakland diem fee and. if you're familiar with the area resume and a video from a short time ago courtesy of have got a partnership with abc seven days of, we're not showing you live images because we know what the suspect to get an edge to gain tactical advantage is based on where exactly swat team members police might be at this particular time. and again this is going on at the motel 6 south of the coliseum we don't know specifically what is going on inside the hotel room place. have not made contact with the suspect and we continue to be posted barricaded on the model 6., >> pam: change of plans for sexually violent offender parole to vallejo frazier smith moved in only to be evicted today. has the hazlitt developments. and
6:19 pm
says it was never notified about his past smith was elected that since the well of their vallejo according to officials to place of delivery of core corporation hired by the state to monitor the violent use their names at check-in the smiths. >> reporter: given to the tel not happy when they heard about it. instead advocate chose to place them.
6:20 pm
the sexual predator also as a check in with local law enforcement. >> pam: study suggests more mexicans are leaving the united states coming into this country according to the study more than 1 million mexicans heading south in the past five years compared to just a hundred and 70,000 migrate north to the united states for a past 50 years 16 million mexican immigrants migrated to the u.s. from any other country and that same study finds about half of all adults in mexico believe those who left the five federal if america still better off than those who if the fund in new
6:21 pm
tonight one south bay after this a group encouraging people to stay here in the u.s.. >> reporter: any side of the emigration of former but for its activist tore ramirez says they're being rash, san jose offices siren services for immigrants rights and education network counseling immigrants many ticking of pulling up stakes the worry not just about immigration enforcement but also about the lack of economic
6:22 pm
opportunity this by. if that the sirens and urging them to stay. "then to make the decision that the fear. siren has declared tomorrow a day of action they hold rallies across the country to commemorate the one-year anniversary of president of the bomb was executive that faction calling for reform. >> diane: i now have them i'll drive temperature in place a
6:23 pm
bridge toll plaza dealing with clear skies for the rest of leaving for the most part with temperatures here right now severances the and yet livermore and 51 for nevada richmond at 63 1/5 and oakland fremont at 62 degrees fell ahead for you 9:00 p.m. dealing with was the clear skies 51 for the cuts 60 for the bay 55 for oakland 7:00 a.m. harley cloud disguise the conditions for fear date to allow them by noon time mostly sunny conditions 53 for the coast to system and allocations as satellite radar image showing you where we give the rain and then heading now come tuesday of next week chilly temperatures for forecast in fact it will be in the '40's for your daytime highs in some locations suspect the rain showers and all the trouble increasing clout of its wednesday it wide spreads for showers that these they mostly sunny and chilly temperatures
6:24 pm
for much of the storm system will last for those few days seven. if forecast clear skies above the the jurors for the weekend monday tuesday more cloud cover chance of showers come tuesday wednesday with the rain with your back
6:25 pm
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at >> pam: as for sex crimes de silva how long spokesperson turf will spend behind bars. more >> grant: than 15 years sentence today 15 years 30 year-
6:27 pm
old bidding guilty to charges of pornography crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors. because the miners were 1617 e should get leniency say convince younger paid $1.4 million in restitution to 14 different victims and at the hearing today he is held back tears the bus a doesn't take away from his the the blood through he of course for subway as a spokesperson for 16 years famously listing of stocks and 50 lbs. by eating less lisa leff company fired him when the charges surfaced earlier this year. hot >> pam: a travel season run the corner how many people plan on hitting the road this year. and then the warrior is of the stem defeated as they face their archrival for the first and then
6:28 pm
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6:31 pm
right now the no. on a 80 offer closed because of this standoff eve avenue where 85 intersects and place after 3:00 today a violent attack on the officer. oakland members in livermore police and seeing federal or p be involved in this case and the gunfire or injuries please tell us they're trying to establish a vacation. the surrender but. many of from hud a partnership with abc seven news the key. posted as we learn more. >> reporter: echelon forced officials are saying the spices propaganda videos no credible threat of terrorism. the comments come as the new release ices the video shows the of the times square was to be a bomb under a jacket the police
6:32 pm
department has the political our technical team for a wide range of potential targets in york city's mayor telling people to go about their business of course they see something suspicious. says a banker.. 20 >> reporter: people injured on a runaway bus accident on friday piquancy what it looks like the worry is about the open their second level where seat belts are required and james can listen to see state law and change to allow the city's seven cisco more oversight. >> reporter: after many delays finely the pleas entered in the case charge of murdering the of
6:33 pm
the therapist as will the canadian tourists. often appeared in court and all entered not guilty pleas they denied anything to do with the crimes next up of pulmonary hearing that a set in may and center fell. >> reporter: the foundation in sausalito mark west voices his concerns but sexual predator fish for smith. left >> reporter: me that states is losing its appeal for a growing number of mexican nationals the washington-based research center cites growing
6:34 pm
concern about tighter immigration policy is let. economic opportunity and frustration on the slow pace of immigration reform only half of those surveyed in mexico say they believe they're better off staying in mexico for a then taking the chance that crossing the border for a better life in the last.. >> diane: combustions right now is a mistake of a cooler side of things that walloped in place of the weekend during a daytime hours and other mild commission for us that overnight hours where we should be this time of year. certainly nothing out of the ordinary thais planner for you to attend kim's slavery's 50 for the close 56 of a sensitive. 51 and and
6:35 pm
allocations than tomorrow morning when you wake up partly cloudy skies 48 for the code 53 for the bathos of 40 for the delegations. overnight lows to give you a better idea what we're doing here that ordinary temperatures pretty much are we should be the time of year because of that high pressure system in place. it's keeping things pretty much on the warm side say week and for catholics could any act or activities lots of sunshine tomorrow than 60 of the valley's 69 for the base that. day 56 degrees than sunday 67 as mentioned we have rain heading our way that can arrive tuesday wednesday of next week's filings giving things clear up and that the seasonal average temperatures we do have chilly conditions during the daytime friday. >> pam: been skidding is the official search for holiday travel season and californians expect to have the roads and drove according to aaa nearly 6 million californians plan to travel 15 mi. more for them skidding holiday that. is the
6:36 pm
highest number since the before the recession close of people travelling by car. agency predicts nearly 5 million people will drive to their destinations. good news for drivers who are planning to hit the road gasoline prices led more than a dozen saver for prices below $2 a gallon. analysts predict that prices will continue to fall from the holiday season. california still was the second-highest average gasoline in the nation right behind y e. what it costs to develop in the bay area tonight according to aaa said francisco paying $2.82 on average. 4 gal. of unleaded that's down 50¢ from the same time last year. and then open drivers pink $70 2¢ dollars on average and then south face and was a travers paying $2.71 on average.
6:37 pm
international >> pam: auto show opens friday at the moscow center draws hundreds of people kron 4 is the official tv sponsor join us saturday night at 9:00. for a special program from the auto show in order to get a look at what's ahead for the future. the big entertainment news of the day just three minutes away with your hollywood today live daily raff stay with
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>> j.r.: caught there gives you the on the perspective on the scene tonight it a 30 we go back to middletown and fishery the latest on the efforts.
6:41 pm
>> pam: oil would today live the daily wrap. "to come home for dinner the plight shelton just invited when stefanie three sons of a home for the holidays/word yet on when fed expected for the invitation will keep you posted in the >> reporter: wake of the hiv announcement in mccarty says on her serious effects of radio shows she's discourage theft he been caught sooner. >> reporter: chloe canceled the signing the exporters said the low can. some reports of a minor infection others climbing more serious staff infection whatever it is will force of recovery.
6:42 pm
>> pam: hundred today live we faced right after a law-and- order and brides left only on kron 4.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
>> gary: new record for television audience monday. night near the roof against ronald these are regular season set out for nsf the great
6:46 pm
outdoors. now and not the see of them that the franchise record 15 straight regular wins right now 12 and no in about an hour currie standing on the street tonight in los angeles. >> gary: reverses chris the work all day the clippers with the injured would not play tonight getting late word and to new the drone center chris paul j. listen but our respective did play paul strain will be in the lineup for the clippers can die
6:47 pm
couple minutes ago reinecke's nursing back but says he will give it a go speaking of give it a go sunday night blazon gentleman is raiders 49 and the breakdown for our view of the wire. and then once of the extra special j. r. stone is in at talking about harrison mom some as one to various forms of social media make yourself a star rick barry another year to
6:48 pm
set her will be the gulf called the pri is where all time but since 1980 it's always been his big boys scooter come out with the first history best of all the vice they read revolutionized house shooting is coached a solid shot they visas built-in sensor check clears fishing form and polished pro levels are not using them hope that with the great cavan said today the best basketball coaches. and hey square says kevin listen to me listen to me get this works. "fences of a consensus on either side of the joint allow this to measure that joy ankle and. we can show you if you have a grip for a bent shoulder rotation based on the way you shoot.
6:49 pm
>> gary: cynic until you about this matter very nefarious for this first wife including skitter one with his second wife a boy named canyon all five got college scholarships given a bodyguard here with me on received instructions the audit shows more night so of see that in the chronicle for francisco auto show on kron 4 theory. and walk around and get instructions without waiving the undone listed as the host have a
6:50 pm
real car guy to do the whole show and get out 15 seconds welcome everyone to the san francisco auto show saturday night 9:00 on crime and joy. >> gary: i hope carl. those listed as day-to-day life fractured his left foot has not played since the october 22nd hive is rushed for 47 yds and three touchdowns so hey, to
6:51 pm
assess risk among chilly temperatures on the way dianas back with details.
6:52 pm
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>> gabe: alicea travis and what i cannot for you coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >> pam: news of the the back story three days away this week it features a day in the life of kron 4 reporter dan herman take a look. that story airs sunday
6:55 pm
night at 930 raid after sports night live only here on kron 4 and how you can infer that before we go quickly. rain heh >> diane: they are way come thursday wednesday next back with news that it o'clock hope you join us then and you for being with
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this season bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. i'm very honest, very real. >> playing a love interest, how could you not be upfront about hiv? >> jenny mccarthy puts charlie sheen on blast. but is her anger justified? >> there is this myth that hiv can be transmitted through kissing and it can't. >> inside a new controversy. >> it bothers me th have a round table with only white women. >> and george lucas is breaking up with "star wars." >> if i get in there, i'm just going to cause trouble. >> why he wants nothing to do with the new movie. plus, tv mom suzanne somers gives us a step-by-step guide at staying sexy at 69.
7:00 pm
>> her advice for keeping a 38-year marriage hot and heavy. >> he likes a lot of sex. >> do you have a lot of sex? >> we do. it keeps you together. >> now, hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. a blackout at the oscars? the hollywood reporter named best actress frontrunners, at them. not a single african-american among them. we're going to go inside this controversy. >> speaking of controversy, jenny mccarthy knows how to stir some up, blasting charlie sheen for not telling her abo hiv status when sthe played his love interest on "2 1/2 men." the gig ended before he said he contracted the virus. let's go inside jenny mccarthy's outrage. is she being an outspoken advocate or out of line? >> my freedom of expression is much different than most people. >> i'm std phobic. so the fact that playing a love interest on the show back in the day i go, ugh.


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